Green hypergolic bipropellant rocket motors

Daniel Komornik, Roy Sagi, Benveniste Natan, Dov Hasan, Zohar Schlagman

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The development of bipropellant rocket motors based on hypergolic "green" propellants, kerosene and hydrogen peroxide, is described. These are similar in performance to the established monomethyl-hydrazine (MMH) and nitrogen-Tetroxide (N2O4) based bipropellant thrusters. This "green" patented hypergolic concept was developed using gelled fuel, containing some reactive particles, and concentrated hydrogen peroxide (HTP) as oxidizer. The results of firing tests of various models of thrusters showed very robust hypergolicity and short ignition delay times, in the order of milliseconds, with estimated characteristic velocity efficiency (ηC*) exceeding 98%.

Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 2023
Event62nd Israel Annual Conference on Aerospace Sciences, IACAS 2023 - Haifa, Israel
Duration: 15 Mar 202316 Mar 2023


Conference62nd Israel Annual Conference on Aerospace Sciences, IACAS 2023

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  • Aerospace Engineering


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