Total Chemical Synthesis of Proteins

Ashraf Brik, Philip Dawson, Lei Liu

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How to synthesize native and modified proteins in the test tube With contributions from a panel of experts representing a range of disciplines, Total Chemical Synthesis of Proteins presents a carefully curated collection of synthetic approaches and strategies for the total synthesis of native and modified proteins. Comprehensive in scope, this important reference explores the three main chemoselective ligation methods for assembling unprotected peptide segments, including native chemical ligation (NCL). It includes information on synthetic strategies for the complex polypeptides that constitute glycoproteins, sulfoproteins, and membrane proteins, as well as their characterization. In addition, important areas of application for total protein synthesis are detailed, such as protein crystallography, protein engineering, and biomedical research. The authors also discuss the synthetic challenges that remain to be addressed. This unmatched resource: • Contains valuable insights from the pioneers in the field of chemical protein synthesis • Presents proven synthetic approaches for a range of protein families • Explores key applications of precisely controlled protein synthesis, including novel diagnostics and therapeutics Written for organic chemists, biochemists, biotechnologists, and molecular biologists, Total Chemical Synthesis of Proteins provides key knowledge for everyone venturing into the burgeoning field of protein design and synthetic biology.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages604
ISBN (Electronic)9783527823567
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2021

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