Way - Reflections on the Art of Living

Translated title of the contribution: Way - Reflections on the Art of Living

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In his book titled Way, Alik Pelman joins a long line of philosophers who have engaged with the art of living and who have aspired to implement their insights in their own lives. Like many of the works of these philosophers, this book uses brief aphorisms to express the author’s ideas. Each chapter deals with a topic related to contemporary human existence, including humankind’s relations with the surrounding culture, with the institutional system, and with the natural environment. Many of the thoughts concern the moral, environmental, and experiential price of the tentacled contemporary socioeconomic system, the feeling of alienation it generates, and the challenges—both theoretical and practical—in store for those who long to break away and carve out an alternative path. The book is unique in that between its chapters are brief descriptions of the autarkic farm that Pelman established for himself a decade ago, descriptions that demonstrate the practical meaning he chose to give the insights and thoughts expressed in the book. At the same time, as he says, the book proposes one of many ways, and the ideas expressed in it “may lead other people to totally different places—physical or theoretical".
Translated title of the contributionWay - Reflections on the Art of Living
Original languageHebrew
Place of PublicationIsrael
Number of pages167
StatePublished - Oct 2021


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