Expanding the frontiers of design: Critical perspectives

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Design Thinking, a method widely used in design business and management, has changed the landscape of contemporary design. Whereas in the past non-designers were called upon to serve as external consultants ad-hoc, in an effort to promote creativity and innovation most design teams now consist of a mix of designers and other professionals. The impact of this development on the design landscape in recent years is so far without thorough investigation and analysis of its various influences. This book comprises an edited collection of selected papers from the 13th Design Thinking Research Symposium (DTRS13) which offers an exploration of Design Thinking from theoretical, practical, and pedagogical perspectives as well as critical analysis of the design process. The book is arranged in five parts as follows: Part 1: Thinking about design Part 2: Design thinking in the studio Part 3: Design thinking in practice and professional training Part 4: Design teams of diverse backgrounds, Interdisciplinary projects Part 5: Design and nature; visual representation Providing a comprehensive source for new perspectives on design and Design Thinking, Expanding the Frontiers of Design is ideal for designers and design academics of all disciplines wishing to strengthen and innovate their practice, as well as industry leaders who seek to consolidate their business strategies and evolve their work.

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StatePublished - 31 Oct 2023

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